Modern New York – Illustrated architecture book (2023)

My newest book will be published by Rizzoli in spring 2023. I spent 4 years researching, illustrating and writing it. See a couple of proofs from the printer.

Modern New York: The Illustrated Story of Architecture in the Five Boroughs from 1920 to Today takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride through the changing fortunes of New York City throughout the last hundred years, from the heights of the Roaring Twenties and “Mad Men” Fifties, to the depths of the Great Depression Thirties, through to “Fear City” in the Seventies, and beyond. Many of the featured buildings won’t be found in city guides and some of them are no longer around – but each one played an integral part in the fascinating story of the five boroughs.

The story is told through some 200 New York’s buildings, trains, taxis and much more illustrated in extreme detail.

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