New York Art Deco Postcard Pack

A pack of Art Deco New York postcards. Original ultra-detailed architecture illustrations feature five designs which defined Artdeco:

Chrysler Building, by William Van Allen (1930)
Empire State Building, by Shreve Lamb and Harmon (1931)
American Radiator Building (Bryant Park Hotel), by Raymond Hood (1924)
“Wisdom” relief above 30 Rockefeller entrance, by Lee Lawrie (1933)
Barclay-Vesey Building, by Ralph Walker (1927)

High quality print on 330gsm thick A6 cards 147×105 mm

There’s no need to introduce the Chrysler Building, which managed to be the tallest building in the world for just about a year – until it was beaten by its Manhattan neighbour Empire State Building. It wasn’t until construction of World Trade Centre Twin Towers that Empire State Building lost its primacy. Much lower in height, but not in decoration is American Radiator Building (now known as Bryant Park Hotel). It’s golden crown on top of the black tower made its architect Raymond Hood famous and much sought after. It was Hood who was major force behind design of the Rockefeller Centre, including the 30 Rock (also known as GE Building and Comcast Building) – which features the wonderfully dramatic Art Deco relief sculpting of “Wisdom” by the most famous American artist of the period Lee Lawrie. The last of the five postcards shows one of the first Art Deco skyscrapers anywhere in the world – Barclay-Vesey Building (also known as Verizon Bldg and 100 Barclay). It was also first major work of its architect Ralph Walker who became famous for his elaborate designs around the US.

I illustrated the buildings using original architecture elevations, photographs and 3D models. Cross referencing of various sources allows me to achieve a high level of detail and real, undeformed dimensions of the façade.

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