GPO / Post Office / BT Tower

GPO Tower (now the BT Tower) in Fitzrovia, west London opened in 1964. It was built high enough to get a direct line of communication over the Chiltern Hills and up to the next tower in Birmingham. As an important element in the UK’s new microwave telecommunications network, built at the height of the Cold War, it was also designed to withstand a nuclear explosion from only a mile away. The cylindrical design was chosen as the most suitable to sustain an atomic blast, as well as strong winds. After construction began, the decision was made to add a viewing platform and rotating restaurant (inspired by a trend from North America and Central Europe). When completed, it became the tallest building in London.

The illustration show the tower in its original condition, before addition of the digital banner and changes in antenna arrangements.

Signed by the artist
High quality print on 170gsm matt paper
Designed, printed and send from London
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11 x 42 cm, 15 x 59 cm, 21 x 84 cm, 31 x 120 cm


Mustard, Orange